About Igbozuruoke Forum


The creation of this medium is in response to calls by Ndi Igbo from all walks of life for the establishment of a class forum that would provide a channel where people could access invaluable information and get the opportunity to make necessary contributions towards the well being of Nigeria and Ndi Igbo in particular.

After reading my article: Civil War, Time for Igbo Public Inquiry (please, click on Reminiscences, then click on The Biafra Story, to access the story), which first appeared in the Daily Sun newspaper of September 9, 2009. The article which generated a lot of interest saw many Ndi Igbo calling for a medium with a huge appetite for Igbo affairs. Well, I have obliged them and the result is what is unfolding, once you log on to www.igbozuru.com .

Consequently,   this forum is conceptualized as an interactive platform that will dwell on Igbo affairs and other issues. Most importantly, the forum is going to run as an intellectual market place for discernible people to interact and generate ideas and products that are expected to push the human race forward.

Therefore, Igbozuruoke online forum, in its design incorporates up to 14 channels through which the public can interacts with it. So, whatever your beat is, Igbozuruoke Forum has the reach and ingredients to appreciate it.

Since no single person is an embodiment of knowledge, I urge Ndi Igbo and the general public to always see this forum as a platform that affords them the opportunity to interact and tackle pressing issues that have remained daunting till date. Consequently, my team and I, as the facilitators and moderators of this forum promise a good outing to all who identifies with this medium.

However, one thing is needed to keep this forum running—your support in all ramifications. As debutants, we need your supports. You can advertise with us or promote other wide-ranging services that this forum offers. The Upcoming Events segment of this website is also at your disposal to patronize us. That segment will enable you to inform the world of your upcoming events and let them see the events you are planning. Similarly, the Events segment provides you the platform to splash events that you have just concluded and would want the world to see.

Accordingly, this forum has the following platform/categories that you can always visit for your day to day interactions:

  • Current Affairs: This category serves as a platform that disseminates current news, stories etc., on burning issues. There are three channels through which the category carries out this function: News—here, breaking and current news, stories etc., are publicized. The Watchdog—this beat is designed to publish any topic with detailed analyses and critical assessments that may be accompanied with research indicators. Editorial—you can view opinions, editorial and feature stories on this platform.
  • History & Culture: This is a platform through which most history and cultural issues of Ndi Igbo and that of the Sub-Saharan African people could be viewed. To perform this, the category has the following subsets:

(1)         People & Society:  This is a segment that deals with happenings and the dynamics that characterized everyday’s activities in a human society.

(11)      Reflections: Here, we provide the platform, on which you can reflect, critique art, arts, works and dispositions in comparison with the culture they try to depict.

(111)    Igbo Language & Stories: In response to Ndi Igbo, especially, to those in the Diaspora, this section is designed to make learning, fascination and revival of Igbo language and stories possible.

(1V)      Igbo History, Arts & Culture: This is where the history, art, arts and culture of Ndi Igbo could be accessed, assessed, and confirmed.

(V)         History, Arts & Culture of Sub-Saharan Africa:  The same with the above, for the Sub-Saharan Africa people.        

(3)         Sports & Entertainment: This category has the following:

(1)          Sports: here, interesting sports’ stories could be accessed.

(11)      Entertainment: Entertainment stories would be viewed here.       

(111)    Glitterati: A platform that would further highlight those in the limelight.


(4)         Reminiscence: The reminiscence platform contains two segments,  On this Day and The Biafra Story. While, On this Day, tells the stories of past happenings and events that took place on the date at which it is being restated, The Biafra Story, is conceptualized to recount and discuss all about Biafra.

(5)        Images: As it indicates, interesting images will continuously adorned on this  platform.

(6)        Event: This channel, is at your disposal to splash your concluded events and ceremonies

(7)        About: While About Us, under this platform highlights the profile of the publisher/editor and his team, Contact Us provides the medium and its personnel’s contacts.

(8)         Today’s Igbo Market Day: At the sidebar, this platform provides the interesting channel for the public, especially, Ndi Igbo, to know Igbo market days as they evolve. It is particularly important to note that, not only are Igbo market days indicated against the Gregorian calendar (the Western calendar we use), this platform further indicates the type of market days in some parts of Igbo land where the the market days are divided the big and  small Igbo market days.  In some places, certain (prominent) events can only take place on a particular big or small market days for it to be authentic and acceptable. In some places like Ngor-Okpala, in Imo State, the burial rites of a prominent traditionalist can only take place on Orie-Ukwu market day.

(9)         Upcoming Events: Like the Event platform, the Upcoming Events, beckons on you to let the public know in advance, what you are celebrating or planning to do.

In all, my team and I are saying welcome to Igbozuruoke Forum, the on-line medium that assists you to actualize your potential.

I remain your confidant and enthusiastic partner.

Remain blessed.


Publisher/Editor- in- Chief

Temporary office:

No. 10 Idowu/Obadina Street, off Alli Street,

Tinubu Square, Lagos Island, Lagos.

E-mail: [email protected]

Lines: 08054281600, 08025252694, 08039553339, 08183342111



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Mr. Ngozi Boniface Alanwoko, hails from Okpala Autonomous Community, in Ngor-Okpala Local Government Area of Imo State. After the conclusion of his primary education in 1971, he went into private engagements. In 1973, he went into commercial activities at then Phoenix Hotels, Onitsha, Anambra State, where his successes spurred him to more critical future endeavours.

He landed in Lagos in 1976 and gained employment as a staff of the Central Bank of Nigeria CBN where he worked till he voluntarily retired in 1994, after serving for approximately 18 years

Thereafter, he became the Chairman/CEO of Arris Commercial Enterprises Limited that engaged in printing and computer products. His success in this further stimulated him to launch Neatdeal Services, an entity that engages in the delivery of premium services to prominent companies and institutions.

Later, he gained admission to study Mass Communications in the University of Lagos.

In 2012, he became the publisher and Editor-in-Chief of  Upcoming magazine, a general-interest monthly magazine. The magazine, which has been retooled is now known as Topissues magazine. In addition to that, Mr.  Boniface Alanwoko, an Igbo activist, is the publisher and editor of this online forum.