Three children tortured and abandoned in Akwa Ibom are all smiles two weeks after they were rescued

Danish aid worker Anja shared the story of three children who were tortured and abandoned in Akwa Ibom.

The children, Evelyn, Queen and 4-year-old Abraham were rescued two weeks ago and are doing well

“I have been in Denmark for 2 weeks now. The day I left Nigeria David Emmanuel Umem got a phonecall about a serious case of torture and abandonment of 3 young children

David reacted fast and went on a rescue together with our “Education Officer” Don Udowan and our “Child Development Officer” Nsidibe Orok. After help from the local chief in the village the children were spotted and brought to safety at “Land of Hope”

The case has been reported to the local police and is under investigation. The torture of one of the children was so severe that the child was taken to hospital immediately after the rescue. I was so sick to my bones when I saw the pictures of the torture !!!
This is also a reason for us not to go public about the rescue before now where the children are recovering?

So let me present to you our 3 new angels now safe and surrounded by love and care at “Land of Hope” by the best team in the world


Abraham is only 4 years old!!! Just look at him, such a sweet little pumpkin Hope and Abraham are already good friends and soon David Jr. will join the team”





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