Reign of terror, rape in Ebonyi

…Cultists clash with town union executives

About three years ago, peace and unity literally fled Amoso Edda community in Afikpo South Local Government Area of Ebonyi State.

This, according to the residents, was as a result of the endless power tussle emanating from their local politics.

“There was a time the town union of our community had a problem and for about three years, we never had any effective town union association,” the newly elected Chairman of the town union, Mr Ukpai Paul, recalled.

Ever since, the sleepy community tucked away in the stony enclave has consistently suffered violence under various guises and colorations.

Since then, Amoso Edda has known no peace. Not even the newly elected executives put together after about three years of disarray could restore tranquillity, which the residents earnestly yearned for.

The forces of darkness and evil powers, according to the natives, reigned supreme until December 22, last year, when the matter came to a head.

This started with the arrival of a newly born baby son of the Assistant Secretary of Amoso Edda Town Union, Mr Okpani Oji Uka.

He was welcomed to the world and his father’s house with a dangerous fight, which was like his parcel of gift.

On that fateful day, at about 9p.m when mother and child were brought home from the hospital, the eagerly waiting relatives and neighbours went wild in joy.

The birth of the baby was coming at a time the atmosphere was already charged for Christmas celebration, thus the newborn was welcomed in atmosphere of happiness.

But the euphoria of the season soon vanished like a flash of light when some cultists, numbering about six stormed the once joyful home.

Armed with various dangerous weapons, the men of the underworld descended on his father and beat him black and blue.

For several hours, the hoodlums also shot sporadically into the air to scare away any intruder and perhaps, reassuringly register their reign of terror in the community.

According to the residents, the incident which was reported to the police division in Afikpo South council area was treated with levity, making them to believe that the police have been ‘settled’ by the alleged sponsors of the hoodlums.

Genesis of the problem

It was  gathered from residents of the area that some influential persons who reap from the atmosphere of violence and rancour have consistently fuelled disaffection in the community using some cultists.

These cultists, they said, openly smoke Indian hemp, abuse hard drugs, harass residents, break local laws and order formulated to guide the residents, bully their perceived opponents and publicly brandish guns and other dangerous weapons.

But determined to restore normalcy, the community about six months ago, elected new executives to pilot their affairs.

However, these hoodlums reportedly vowed to disorganise them and possibly disband the town union.

“But some miscreants that are found here and there in the town do not allow us to carry out our function. Each time we were having our executive meeting, they would come to threaten us. They vowed that as long as they were concerned, that they would not allow us to run the affairs of our community, Amoso Edda. I don’t know if they had been bought over by any person or group of individuals.

“We have all the time been reporting the problems we are having in the village to the police. We have written series of letters to the police, especially the area command. And we all the time visited the DPO in Owutu to lodge complaints on the problems we are having in the village.

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